Fad is an institution of design, consultancy and project management that works scope of designing, development and application of large scaled and advanced technology investments.


› A hundred percent employer-focused study,

› meeting various needs of employers,

› serving and producing at the highest quality,

› providing complete work and information security,


have been fad’s company principles. Fad that has been founded as a design and consultancy group;


has  offered specialized services in many platforms including regional and city scaled dimensions in the fields of planing, architectural design and project management.

it has gained admiration as an owner of very important successes especially in the field of designing, devoloping of large scaled projects and project management.


Feyyaz AYSOY

M. Sc. Architect

Tangül AYSOY



M: info@fadesign.studio

T: 0 312 440 2580

F: 0 312 440 2581